Embodied Empowerment 

Take the first step

towards transformation

and manifest your wildest

dreams into reality.

Empower Yourself Now

Recorded Online
Workshops + Workbooks 

8+ Weekly Impactful Trainings That Will Take You On A Journey From The Root Of Who You Are Into The Highest Version Of Yourself. Workbooks That Invigorate Deep Thinking Leaving You With An Impactful, Embodied Experience.

Hybrid Group

Have Weekly Support To Take Action And Embody The Work To Transform Your Life And Feel More Empowered From The Inside Out. Gain Inspiration With Other Like Minded Souls Who Are Dedicated And Empowered To Embody Divine Purpose.

Quartz Crystal
Sound Immersions +
Quantum Activations

You Will Embody Expanded States of Consciousness With Weekly Sound Immersions. You Will Heal Yourself And You Will Receive Journeys & Activations To Quantum Leap Your Dreams Into Manifestation. 

Learn how to embody divine purpose.

When you embody spiritual empowerment you get to know the truest version of yourself, you connect to your power within, and you create the reality you desire not only in your life, but also in your communities and in the world.

Develop confidence and achieve your goals.

Gain tools that create deep, lasting transformation to embody real change and empower impactful results. 

Get clarity on your path and what you need to do.

Stay focused, motivated, and connected.

Be resilient in your mission instead of giving up when something doesn't go as planned. 

Take back your power and develop the necessary skills it takes to better yourself each and every day.

What's a dream you’ve always wanted to accomplish? 

Every second of your life
you are either moving towards
your goals or away from them.
When you become obsessed
with achieving your goals, your
conscious mind empowers
you to embody that reality.

The key to accomplishing any of
your dreams is to stay awake to
your subconscious limits and
repattern your thinking mind
so that you have it all!

Embody Divine Purpose Now

Shine Your Light Brighter Than You Ever Have Before.


Ignite Your Light
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Embodied Empowerment Immersion
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"Ashleigh is passionate about her work, and equally compassionate with her clients about the work that needs to be done. She offers an eclectic range of services and techniques meant to explore the exact depth you are seeking. The quality of the experience far exceeds expectations. Definitely consider Ashleigh for any of your personal needs!! You won't be sorry!"

-Crystal Gomes

"I had a great experience with Ashleigh. She made me feel welcome and respected in the space, and was great at explaining and walking me through her process. I highly recommend her!"

-Adhithee Ananda 

"I cannot even begin to express the gratitude I have for the space Ashleigh held in the darkest parts of my psyche and self, ones that I have been afraid to utter out loud even to a therapist. What I felt from Ashleigh was pure Ananda. The shadow work of the ego self in preparation of full sacred work helped me regain the lack of energy that was vibrational in me."

-Sunny Rajput

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